Tone2 VST AU Synthesizers: Innovation & true high-end  quality
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Tone2 ® is renowned for producing true high-end quality audio software. Our award winning synthesizers and effects are cutting edge because of...

  • Pristine audio quality.
  • Unique sound based upon innovative concepts.
  • A vast range of inspiring, professional and production-ready presets.
  • Intuitive user interfaces.
  • Fair price
  • Personal, fast and free support
RayBlaster won a MusicTech 9/10 score and innovation Award
Gladiator has won 3 Computer Music awards
RayBlaster won a Computer Music Innovation Award
Keys magazine
rating 5 from 5
ElectraX Beat magazine award


Rompler is available. The Rompler soundset utilizes ElectraX' powerful multi-layer capabilities with a rich blend of sampling and synthesis.

Arpmania Expansion is available. The expansion also comes with a set of 100 new arp patterns and includes 3 fresh new skins for Nemesis.

Classic FM is available. Classic FM features the character of the classic FM hardware, like the DX7, that defined the 80s. A delight for those looking to add that classic FM vibe.

Nemesis has been released!
Nemesis takes FM synthesis to its next evolutionary step: NeoFM synthesis. NeoFM and several other innovative synthesis methods are exclusively available in Nemesis. Nemesis is inspiring, extremely powerful, features an easy-to-use interface, has a huge sonic range and offers outstanding sound quality.

Epic Pads for RayBlaster is available.

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New! Tone2 Nemesis - NeoFM Synthesizer