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The Top of the Clubs soundset

“Raise your hands, Feel the energy, Feel the rush, are you ready to go crazy?”, words often spoken by MC's all over the world during the sets of some of the top DJ's. But it's the music that gives the crowd that adrenaline shot in the arm and the feeling of total euphoria, and no more so than in a club.

Now you can get the massive sounds with the Top of the Clubs soundset for Saurus. Bringing you the best in huge leads, spaced out arps, immense bass lines and ambient pads, the Top of the Clubs soundset covers all the bases for creating modern music.

Utilizing the power of Saurus, our professional sound designers have engineered a sound bank capable of blowing apart any dance floor in the world.
With 230 ready to go sounds, Top of the Clubs is a bank that shows the true power of analogue synthesis in the virtual world. You too, can make your own dance floor slammers that will ignite any party.

Genres: Trance, Electronica, House, HipHop, RnB, Dance, Goa, Hardstyle, Electro, IDM, Hardcore and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

Ed Ten Eyck, Himalaya, BigTone, Aiyn Zahev, Satya Choudhury, Rob Lee, Ingo Weidner, Marco Scherer, Massimo Bosco, Rob Fabrie, Daniela Schmidt, SupremeJa, George Zondagh, Grzegorz Bartoszek, Jay Levzi, Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2), Markus Krause (Tone2)

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The Soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.


The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. Over 200 new sounds can be easily accessed by the category selector.

Stylish Arpeggiators

Another Day sT
Arctic AZ
Arped blip BT
Arpisaur sT
Assenzio MxS
Awesome sT
Bass Groove SJA
Bell Wonder MAS
Beloved m12 BT
Big Loop ii AZ
Birdie Birdie sT
Blue Corn EDT
Chocolatee sT
Chord arper BT
Cold AZ
Danger sT
Doubles EDT
Drip Drop AZ
Dulcimer AZ
Fluffer EDT
Glistening arp RF
Is this Classic sT
Jungle i AZ
Lead Dirt III SJA
Matrix12 groover BT
Melodee sT
Multiarp BT
Next Hit sT
Oh Boss sT
Old school AZ
One More Time sT
Panorama MxS
Pearl SJA
Play with Me MxS
Pulsar MxS
PulseArp DS
Pwmed madness BT
Quake AZ
Rattling arp BT
Ridim Less sT
Runaway Groom sT
Saw Sharp sT
Somewhere AZ
Spec Ride EDT
Starline RR
Supersaw AZ
Taps AZ
Trance build AZ
Tribal sT
Warm trance RF

Cutting Leads

303 type II AZ
70s Funk Lead IW
Big room II AZ
BigBoyLead RL
BigRoom2 GB
Chameleon RR
Creepy Lead IW
Dance Lead JL
Dance RF
Desert Sun i AZ
Distorted lead ii AZ
Fly Meat EDT
I am Trance sT
Icey dreams AZ
Jeepee8080 BN
Lead Dirt I SJA
Leg Lead EDT
Mono Saw EDT
Morli sT
NoisyDreams RR
NordicLead DS
Octwo EDT
Ramp Pulse H
SilverTube H
Solo Master AZ
Squares ii AZ
String Theory sT
Sugar Coat H
Varisaw IW
xMassive BN

Rhythmic Gates

Aqua MxS
Bandaid sT
Frozen iii AZ
Gater II SJA
Intruder MxS
ModdedPad RL
Square Door sT
Wavefold H

Inspiring Pads

2099 A.D AZ
Airsyn EDT
Ambisaw EDT
Angelica GB
Ascending Pad RF
Bavarian DS
Blue book pad RF
BP Strings 2 IW
Break up AZ
Cloud Nine sT
Dark Pad AZ
Diffusor pad BT
Explore EDT
Expressive GB
Fake Choir sT
Falling Stars sT
Fireworks sT
Futura i AZ
Futura iii AZ
Glide PWM Pad 2 IW
Haunting i AZ
Ice Sweep H
Icean EDT
Icelandic DS
InverSe wAVE H
Long Time EDT
MoreAnPad MF
Noised hollow BT
Octapad EDT
Ominous RF
P6 Sweep Pad IW
Pad Shift EDT
Premonitions BN
Resopal RR
Softy Man sT
SolarPad RL
Some Old Synth sT
Sorroundings sT
StackiPad MF
Submerged AZ
Sweeper sT
Synthoniq H
Thin Line sT
Thin Point sT
Top Notch sT
Tremolo sT
Tundra Evolved GZ
Verbsaw Pad EDT
Verbsweep EDT
Warming Pad MF
WarmPad GB
Warping Pad AZ
When Pluto Comes GZ
Wind AZ

Futuristic Keys

Aquatarkus IW
Bells IW
Dragoste MxS
Frozen Keys EDT
Haze Keys EDT
Key One sT
Keystone sT
Melodee MxS
Noisy sT
Sau Keys EDT
Shluck sT
Spooky jumper BT
Springy Bell sT
Twinkle Star sT
Verb Keys EDT

Fat Bass

Acidic Glider IW
Atomic Sub sT
Bass 1 H
Bass 2 H
Big Boss sT
Biss sT
Dark Bass EDT
Deep Square AZ
Digilike bass BT
Dry Bass EDT
EasyBass RL
Electro Bass IW
Fat bass BT
Glamourbass BN
HouseBass RL
JunglaBass MF
MonoWau MF
Punchy Saw Bass IW
Serious Bass i AZ
Sub and Top AZ
SubbassS MF
Thump Bass sT
Tight elecstab RF
Ultimate sT

Epic Synths

Basement Sawer BN
Chord It EDT
ClassicStab RL
Damaged EDT
Dance Chord IW
Elements GB
Fade Speed EDT
FastPluck DS
Fat Pluck JL
Grazer BN
Green Chord EDT
Harmonic Pluck H
Horizon Pluck H
HousePluck RL
Motion Pan H
NuEnergy GB
Paradise AZ
Plasticon Pluck H
Pluck Feed EDT
PolyOct MF
Pulse AZ
Quick Pluck EDT
Ring Vox 1 IW
Saw Layer EDT
Short Ambi EDT
Slinky AZ
So Serene ii AZ
Soften EDT
Stab Me sT
String Hit sT
Suction Sweep H
Sync Lead 3 IW
SystemLead RL
TechChord RL
TrancePluck GB
Velocitease EDT
Vibrato AZ
Vibronoise Pluck H
Wide Ana Pluck H

Amazing Effects

Bubbler EDT
Psychedelica MF
Starfall BT
Startrek MF
Sweep AZ
Underwater AZ
Wet Noise Sweep H