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Click here to buy it now!ChartBreaker Soundset

Taking you on a unique journey into uncharted sonic territory, the ChartBreaker set is filled with intricate sound impressions that will help you set the mood perfectly for your next club banger.
All to bring you the best in raw club sounds and the ideal companion for storming the charts.

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Tone2 Nemesis

Click here to buy it now!Classic FM Soundset

Taking you back to a decade of incredible dance and party music when cassette tapes and power chords ruled the world. Classic FM features 200 inspiring presets with the rich tones and character of the classic FM hardware, like the DX7, that defined the 80s. A delight for those looking to add that classic FM vibe.

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Click here to buy it now!Arpmania Expansion

Expand your sound collection with a set of diverse & vibrant arppeggiator sounds. Featuring evolving arps, rhythmic gates, pulsating bass lines and tight groove sequences, Arpmania offers an inspiring range of sounds, all inspiring and running in perfect sync to the tempo of your track. The expansion also comes with a set of 100 new arp patterns and includes 3 fresh new skins for Nemesis.

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Click here to buy it now!NeoFM Expansion

The NeoFM expansion has a clear focus on the best that Nemesis has to offer. Tapping into the depths of Nemesis' powerful neoFM synthesis, it offers unique sounds that are impossible to get with other synthesizers. The expansion also contains an inspiring collection of 152 new waveforms and 3 additional skins for a new look.

Click here to buy it now!Ambientica Soundset

Unleash your talent and create deep soundscapes for cosmic sonic voyages. You will be able to construct spacey, abstract sceneries with very little effort, free to follow your own creativity.

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Click here to buy it now!Electric Soundset

From epic chord progressions to intense build-ups, transitioning into a perfectly placed drop with a relentless bassline! Light-beams cut through the smoke on a pumping dance floor. The added transition effects,  leads and crisp plucks make this a well rounded soundset suited for several genres.

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