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The Dark Toxic soundset

In a world filled with sounds it is sometimes hard to find something new, something from the depths of darkness that rips through the norm and sets your track apart.

Dark Toxic is that something! Using Saurus' powerful oscillators, squelchy filters and a wealth of modulation options, our sound designers set out to create the dirtiest of the dirty. 
140 original sounds programmed from scratch to showcase the dark side of Saurus, with a clear focus on the harder edged sounds for genres such as Drum and Bass, Complextro, Dubstep, Grindcore and Electronica.
Dark Toxic covers the entire dirt range, from cone trashing basses to club smashing leads and pads, all to bring you the best in raw dark synth power.

Professional sound design

This soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. The  sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

Ed Ten Eyck, Aiyn Zahev, George Zondagh, Massimo Bosco, Jamie Docwra, Marco Scherer, Bigtone, Rob Fabrie, Reinhard Reschner, Jeff Rhodes, Bryan Lee, SupremeJa, The Unshushable Coktor, Grzegorz Bartoszek, Sean Charles and Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2))

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The Soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.


The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. The new sounds can be easily accessed by the category selector.

Stylish Arpeggiators

Builder GZ
Crust Untune EDT
Depleted Acid GZ
Distosenc BN
Extreme Roller PS
Filter Machine SJA
Grark PS
ImSexy GB
Moving Up PS
Octaver GZ
Picker PS
Pussypulse MAS
Riot PS
Speed Dial JD
Sponge Sync EDT
Squeege EDT
Squibs EDT
Stacket Evo GZ
Sync scraper BT
TripXire BN
Tuned In JD

Cutting Leads

Allure GZ
Almighty MAS
Apocalypse GZ
Bastard RR
Brash RR
Chameleon RR
Cutter RR
Domina MAS
Driven EDT
Fantasy Keyz PS
Filteriffic PS
Filtro RR
Gorilla GZ
Growl PS
Gurney GZ
Hardcharger GZ
Hoax RR
LF ohhh RR
M Liner2 RR
MetalLead RR
Modwheel Sync SC
Noisy Lead EDT
Plasma RR
Rampensau RR
Razor RR
Scortch GZ
Searing GZ
Space Weevil JL
Squelch PS
Swimmer MAS
TeeBee GB
Ugly Kid RR
Weasel RR
Weird RR
Whiff EDT
Whippler GZ

Inspiring Pads

Amadeus RR
Angst RR
Bad Guy RR
Chordwows BN
DB Pad2 RR
DB Pad3 RR
Dead Atmo RR
Distpad RR
Domus MxS
Drehfix RR
FataMorgana RR
Galaxy GZ
Gloomy RR
Minority GZ
Nebulae MxS
Next Fix JD
Roller RR
Solonoid GZ
Special Treat JD
Switchblade JD
Ugly Pad RR
Unfriendly Analog RF
Urban Decay XS
VoiNoi EDT
Whirlpool RR

Fat Bass

Bass and Kick MxS
BlackBull BN
Boomtown GZ
Breeder GZ
Briller GZ
Buzzy GZ
DarkChain GB
Darkgrounds BN
Dunkbass BN
Fatty RR
Grinder BN
Gritz GZ
H-Bombass BN
HiResoBass3 MF
Juno hoover 2013 BT
Kiss Mids GZ
Madhouze BN
Marvel GZ
Megalith GZ
Mercer GZ
Monster Magnet GZ
Mudkicker GZ
Plate GZ
Pulse RR
Scaler GZ
Scarecrow GZ
Sub PS
Unrotational PS
Verity GZ
xBlam BN

Heavy Synths

Bellyache RR
Frizz EDT
Fuzions BN
Hoover damn RF
Lusher GZ
Mdwhl Freq Scr RF
Powercore RL
Ruster MxS
Scream Boy MxS
Stacket GZ
The Grid SC
Wabber RR

Amazing Effects

Accelerator XS
Alarm Noise EDT
Fallout GZ
Gated Pac MxS
ModW Me GZ
Moist Ghost EDT
Noise Devil RR
Scratcher2 TUC
Scratchfake 01 BT
Shriek EDT
Sky Lift XS
Space Invaderz XS
Super Modified JD
Sweeparoo GZ