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The Analog Soundset

Taking you on a journey through an analog world the Analog soundset digs deeper into Saurus' offerings with an emphasis on authentic vintage sounds.
This collection of 214 classic synth sounds including emulations of the Moog, Oberheim, Phophet, Jupiter, Juno, Arp Solina, Clavinet and many others suits almost every style of Electronic music.
Let Analog take you back to a time when these machines were at the center of every studio and now be the source for your creative productions

Enjoy its warm strings, expressive brass, dirty leads, squelchy basses, screaming synths, vibrant pads and just let it inspire you.

Genres: Old School Electronica, Synthesizer, 70s, 80s, Pop, Techno, Rock, House, Funk, Synth Pop and a wide variety of other music genres.

Professional sound design

The Analog soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. All sounds are properly programmed and do not contain samples. This gives you the complete dynamic range and highest possible sound quality. For enhanced usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. All high quality sounds are a selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners:

  • Ingo Weidner
  • The Unshushable Coktor
  • Rainer Sauer
  • Markus Feil
  • Bastiaan van Noord
  • BigTone
  • Stephen Krajewski
  • Marco Scherer
  • SupremeJA
  • Rob Lee
  • Sean Charles

The Analog Soundset comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use installer for Mac and PC.

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Stylish Arpeggiators

AutobahnA1 rWs
AutobahnA2 rWs
AutobahnA3 rWs
BasicAnaArp MF
BattleArp1 TUC
Bending arp BT
Berlin1 TUC
DragBass BN
FastArp1 MF
FastArp2 MF
KraftBassArp MF
LfoAnaArp MF
LoveNeeds BN
OldPercussive MF
Plastic Piano SJA
Psychedelica MF
Rez Arp IW
Selfgroove MAS
Shmurgler BT
Smacco rWs
Some Crystal Bells rWs
The Last MAS
Tremolo Arp IW
Triolicy MF
WabBassArp MF

Fat Bass

Acidic Saurus 1 IW
Acidic Saurus 2 IW
AnaBassX MF
Animplex BN
Bass Planet SJA
Brain Salad IW
Catherine Bass IW
Chainsaw Bass IW
DigiBass1 TUC
Dirty Bass BN
E-Bass BN
FM Bass BN
FunkBass2 TUC
HiResoBass MF
HiResoBass2 MF
HiResoBass3 MF
JuicyBass MF
JunglaBass MF
LfoFilterBass MF
LfoFilterBass2 MF
Long Bass SJA
Minimoog bass 02 BT
Noisy PWM Bass IW
Ruff Basix BN
Sinoisis MF
Snappy Saw Bass IW
Soft Butter SJA
SubbassS MF
Sweeping Bass IW
WabBass MF

Cutting Leads & Synths

1Sync Lead IW
99Luftballons MF
Abacab Fifths IW
AlphaJunoPoly MF
Andrastea BN
aWired Lead BN
Belfast Flute IW
BellicAn MF
BriteStab2 TUC
BubbleBop BN
Butter moog lead BT
Clarinet IW
ClickySelfOsc MF
Cold Fever BN
DirtLead2 TUC
DistLeg MF
EchoDouiu MF
EchoWau MF
ELP Trilogy IW
Emerlists Lead IW
Fat Rez Lead IW
Full Feedback IW
Grand Illusion IW
Grungeizer MF
High Sky IW
InstableSawEcho MF
Jericho BN
Juicer BN
Lucky Man rWs
MetalMe MF
MonoLeg1 MF
MonoLeg2 MF
MonoWau MF
Narrow Pulse IW
RezLead2 TUC
Rockford IW
Sad Duck BN
Screamer MF
Singer MF
SingingTriangles IW
Sinoid Ring IW
Sizzle IW
Spiffy Ld IW
Squiggly2 TUC
Synced Up BN
Theremin2 MF
TheWheel BN
ThinLead2 TUC
Tom Sawyer SK
Tom Solo SK
Tomitas Promenade rWs
WackyDirter MF
WithReson BN
Woo Woo Weh Weh SK

The additional content perfectly integrates to the user interface. 214 new sounds can be easily accessed by choosing ‘Ana’ in the category selector.  .

Inspiring Pads

Bell Morph Pad 1 IW
Bellish Vox Pad 1 IW
Big Poly SK
Cosy PWM Pad IW
CricketPad MF
Dreamy Saw Pad IW
Endless World BN
Enigmatica MF
FakeChoir TUC
From the Deep BN
Glassy Morphpad BT
Glide PWM Pad 1 IW
HolowingPad MF
Industrial Rez BN
Influx Pad IW
LfoAnaPad MF
LongPolyGilde MF
LoveAddict SK
MiniMoon Reso Pad rWs
MiniMoon Solo Pad rWs
MoreAnalPad MF
MovingPad RL
Raspy Choiral BN
ResoSweepPad IW
RingPadWarm MF
Saurus Vox 1 IW
StackiPad MF
StrangThang SK
Swell Pad IW
The Vangelos Pad rWs
The Vangelos Winds rWs
VibratoPad MF
Vox Humania IW
Vox Morph Pad 1 IW
WarmAnalPad MF

Classic Keys

AlphaJunoPoly2 MF
AlphaJunoPoly3 MF
BrassOrgan SK
Chorused Wurly IW
ChorusPoly1 MF
Clavi IW
DetunedOscs MF
DirtyOrgan SK
Electric Grand 1 IW
Electric Grand 2 IW
Fusion ep BN
GoodbyeOrgan SK
Harp IW
Harpsichord IW
OldOrgan1 MF
OldPoly1 MF
OldPoly2 MF
OldPoly4 MF
Organic Saurus IW
PianoSyn2 TUC
PinkFloyd MF
PolyOct MF
RichardWSheep rWs
Saurustramp IW
Screamer3 TUC
Tremolo Wurly IW
Up at AM BN
Wurly Piano IW

Retro Effects

Jarre aks fx BT
Jungle Love BN
Laughing SK
MotherWarp SK
Startrek MF
Synthi a fall BT
VCS 3000 rWs

Epic Strings & Brass

Being Dramatic BN
Big strings SK
BP Strings 1 IW
Callisto BN
Chariots Brass IW
Classic String BN
Epic SC
Epic Strings IW
FormantStrings1 IW
FormantStrings2 IW
FunnyBrass MF
Horny Saurus IW
Huge Strings SK
JP8 Low Brass IW
Notch Strings IW
Oberheimat rWs
ObxBrass1 MF
Octave Strings IW
OrchestBrass MF
Oxygene 4 Brass IW
Polys Warmth BN
PWM Strings 2 IW
Saulina IW
SauRunner IW
Stringer rWs
Sub Brass IW
SyntheString SK
Uni Poly IW
Warm String BN
WarmBrass MF
Way Back BN
WlapBrass MF